This spring, an all new experience will await riders at Cedar Point. Mantis, the park’s notoriously painful stand-up coaster, is in for a change. For 2015, the coaster will be transformed into a floorless coaster, get a new paint job, and even a name change.

Now known as Rougarou (pronounced roo-guh-roo), the ride was named after a mythical werewolf creature from French folklore. Lurking in the lagoon nearby the Millennium Force, Rougarou “feeds on screams” and “will be a ride like no other at the park.”


What’s a floorless coaster? As the name suggests, these roller coasters have no floor, leaving riders to dangle their legs with nothing between them and the track. Floorless coasters are known for disorienting riders with a series of inversions. Complete with a vertical loop, dive loop, inclined loop, and a corkscrew, Rougarou will not fall short of the mark.

During the conversion, Mantis will also get a new paint job. Its ugly red, yellow, and blue track will be changed to bright orange with dark blue supports.


Watch Rougarou’s animated ride video to get an idea of the experience:

Set to open next month on May 9th, Rougarou is almost complete. Cedar Point recently posted some pictures sharing their progress:


Rougarou’s paint job is now complete. The orange color scheme brings a fresh appearance to the coaster.


Underneath the station, here’s the floor mechanism that will make boarding easier.

The park also shared this video giving a behind-the-scenes look at the special effects that will be used on the coaster:

Are you excited to see Cedar Point revamp Mantis? I think that it was a great idea, but it’s sad to see so many stand-up coasters following the same path. What are your thoughts on Rougarou?

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All images © Cedar Point


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