With its long-awaited opening last weekend, Fury 325 became the tallest and fastest non-launching roller coaster in the world. Stretching 325 feet in the air, this monster of a coaster towers menacingly over Carowinds’s other rides. Swiftly winding its way to the front of the park, the coaster’s sleek train dives under the stunning new entrance. Fury is super tall, super fast, and super smooth. It’s been looked forward to like few others before it. But does it have what it takes to make a model coaster?

Feel the Sting


Last fall, Carowinds announced their newest coaster. Designed by B&M, known for its super-smooth rides, this ride would be the company’s tallest coaster yet. Dubbed “Fury 325,” the coaster’s name was inspired by the retreating British army calling the Carolinas “a hornet’s nest of rebellion.” Carowinds themed the coaster as a hornet, sporting the trains and station with Charlotte Hornets colors. Carowinds had claimed that Fury would deliver the same passion shown by the Carolinians, only displayed through 6,602 feet of track. But has Fury proved itself?

Rants and Reviews


Soon after the coaster’s debut, the reviews began to pour in. So far, reception towards the coaster is far from negative:

“It’s one of the best of the 250+ [roller coasters] that I’ve ridden and I give it a 5 out of 5 overall.” ~ Joel Bullock from Coaster Critic

“…Fury 325 was glass-smooth. The transitions between the different elements were seamless, and even the overbanked turns felt amazing….The speed. The smooth ride. The ejector air. What more could you want?” ~ Andrew Stilwell from Coaster101

Is Fury 325 a Model Coaster?

Through building the world’s tallest and fastest non-launching roller coaster, B&M has produced an incredible combination of intense speed and extreme smoothness. It looks like an excellent addition to Carowinds’ lineup.

  • Hideous heights: A nearly vertical, 325 foot tall drop
  • Supersonic speeds: A top speed of 95 miles per hour
  • Disorienting drops: Several overbanked turns
  • Headchopper: Two near misses
  • Zero gravity: Multiple airtime hills

See how well B&M worked in multiple sources of thrill? Keep an eye out for those factors as you watch Fury 325’s official on-ride video:

Doesn’t Fury 325 take your breath away? What more could you want in a coaster? Well, okay, a 600 foot tall airtime machine would hit the spot, but, come on! Fury has what it takes to make a great coaster, and I think that B&M has set a new standard for future roller coasters to follow.

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