Boasting 17 roller coasters, Cedar Point is widely recognized as the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World." Thrill seekers flock to rides like Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, but some of the park's coasters have been lacking in attention due to their painful trains or layouts. Lately, it seems Cedar Point has been dedicated to renovating these rides. Just last year, the park transformed their neglected stand-up coaster into an intense floorless coaster. Now, it would appear that their attention has turned to an even meaner coaster.
Are you looking forward to riding some new coasters this year? Perfect, because a slew of rides have begun testing, and the footage is awesome.
Planning to visit Dollywood soon? The park announced that Lightning Rod, their new launched wooden coaster, will not open in time for the park's opening weekend.
Yesterday, the park installed the last piece of the world's highest, fastest, and longest dive coaster. Valravn is officially a complete circuit roller coaster.
Late last month, Cedar Point installed the highest piece of track on Valravn. It's all been downhill work since then, and crews have been hard at work on the record-breaking 90-degree drop and Immelmann loop.
In celebration of their 70th Anniversary, Holiday World is improving the ride experience on their three wooden coasters.