Kings Island may have one of the world's biggest coaster collections, but they're always looking to improve their lineup. New rumors suggest that the park may be planning a B&M Giga Coaster for 2017, which would stand nearly a hundred feet taller than their current biggest coaster, Diamondback.
A year ago, on April 4, 2015, I started Theme Park Press as a place where I could spread the latest roller coaster news and share my adventures. 54 posts later, the site has grown a lot, and I'd like to thank my readers for such a great year.
This upcoming season, one of the best coaster lineups we’ve had in quite a while awaits us. Read on to see my top picks for 2016.
Looking for somewhere to go this holiday season? Dollywood might just prove to be your best option. From the park's spectacular decorations to its award-winning shows, there's a reason that their Christmas event was voted the world's best for the eighth year in a row. Still not convinced? Keep reading.
Do you have a fear of roller coasters? Don't worry, "coaster-phobia" is perfectly normal. In fact, roller coasters are actually meant to be scary! Thankfully, there are several techniques to overcome your fear and actually enjoy them. Hopefully these tips will help you gradually ease yourself into riding coasters to the point that you'll get right back in line for more
Last year, father and son businessmen David and Joshua Wallack announced their plans to build a $300 million Skyplex entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida. The main highlight of the complex was a 570 foot-tall Polercoaster dubbed Skyscraper, which will easily become the world's tallest roller coaster when it opens in 2018.