Last week, Valleyfair announced that their HUSS Enterprise ride will be closing as they “prepare for new heights in 2017.”

What’s coming next? I previously predicted that Valleyfair would get a B&M of some sort, but obviously that’s out of the question considering the limited amount of available space at the park. Now, it looks like a swing ride is in store for 2017. As spotted by Coaster Chit Chat, Valleyfair has filed a permit stating their plans to install a Funtime Star Flyer:

SkyScreamer, a 410-foot Star Flyer at Six Flags New England

This ride choice comes as a bit of surprise, as most of the Cedar Fair parks have received a Mondial WindSeeker. I suppose the chain is finally fed up with unreliable swingers and decided to try something new.

What about the height? While Valleyfair mentions no ride specifics, I would expect them to build a 200-300 foot model, making it the tallest ride in the park. If they were really trying to break records, they’d need to make it well over 400 feet tall, but I don’t see that happening at a small park like Valleyfair.

What do you think of the park’s choice for 2017? We’ll find out all the details later this month.

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