Guess what? It’s POV Thursday. Today, let’s catch a ride on Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast at Six Flags Over Texas!

Nervous riders grip their lap bars with white knuckles as the train prepares for launch. With a sudden burst of momentum, it rockets backwards like a ball out of a cannon. After several twists and a vertical loop, the train slows to a stop, 218 feet above the park. Picking up speed, it dashes back through the course, forwards this time. It’s Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast!

The coaster originally opened as just “Mr. Freeze” back in 1998, with a forward facing train. Fourteen years later (in 2012), Six Flags reversed the train and advertised a backwards launch.

Watch an on-ride POV (point-of-view) of Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast below:

What do you think? Does a backwards launch sound thrilling? Leave a comment below.

Next week, for our final edition of POV Thursday, we’ll take a virtual ride on Goliath at Six Flags Great America. You don’t want to miss it!

Images © Six Flags Over Texas

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